Correction family name or date of Birth or place of birth

Estimated Time:

An hour and a half after the payment of fees


• Civil status and passport department /private passport and correction directorate /correction  office/correction commission.
• Jordanian embassies abroad

Estimated Fee:

5 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

Submitting the request to the correction officer in department center from his personal relationship or one of family member by power of attorney for Those who are outside the jordan .



Partner institutions:

Magistrate's Courts Security authorities


• Visit the Admissions Officer in correction office and show the required documents for audit and approval .
• Visit Treasurer to Pay legal fees.
• Registration the request in a private register.
• Requires from the applicant to bring explanations "approved base"  in the registration of the family name through civil record file and the passport file.
• A formal letterto the security authorities.
• View the request to correction commission and the issuance of its approval or rejection.
• Issue correction decision and inform the citizen by an official letter.
• Bring documents that issued in the previous statement to cancel it .
• Renewal of documents of the new statement in accordance with the requests submitted by the recipients of the service at any office of the department offices.

Required Documents

- Enhancing the request by oficial documents (birth certificate,Previous passport, marriage certificate ..... etc) that support his request to correct the name of the family whether the documents belonging to the person himself or his father, or his grandfather or his brothers... etc.
- Family's name through The passport file and civil record file.
- Approval of the security authorities.
- All previous documents that issued by the department to cancel it .

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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