Changing a loan collateral Replacement of current sponsor with anew sponsor

Estimated Time:

One Week


The Fund’s headquarters – Amman – Financing department / branches

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The loan should not be non-performing.
  2. The new sponsor’s salary should be sufficient for the deduction.



Partner institutions:

The entity in which the new sponsor works.



  1. The service applicant (Borrower) submits a petition in the records section containing the request for replacement.
  2. Provide the applicant with an undertaking form (payment pledge)addressing the entity in which the new sponsor works.
  3. The applicant shall hand-over the undertaking to the credit officer.
  4. The application is referred to the loans committee rapporteur for review.
  5. Upon approval by the committee and informing the relevant branch:
  1. The Borrower and the new sponsor shall sign an annex to the agreement.
  2. Complete the procedures of the old sponsor’s quittance.

Required Documents

Petition submission stage:

  • Certified copies of the new sponsor’s ID card.
  • Original salary certificate of the new sponsor.

After approval of the new sponsor:

- A commitment letter of deduction from the sponsor’s employer.

Persons benefiting from the service

The borrower (only in presence of the borrower).


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