Handing over checks to suppliers

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Public service desk at the Fund’s headquarters, as well as other branches around the Kingdom.

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Conditions for obtaining service

A valid civil ID shall be presented to receive the check.



Partner institutions:

 •  Departments and institutions where the sponsor / sponsors work.

 •  Productivity Enhancement Centers (IRADA) if the amount of funding exceeds JD 7,000.

 •  The Department of Land and Survey in case of mortgaging the property as collateral.

 •  Social Security Corporation.

 •  Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply or its directorates in the governorates.

 •  Greater Amman Municipality, other municipalities.

 • Commercial banks.


 On the set date, the supplier / borrower shall visit the Fund’s headquarters or any of its branches to receive the check.

Required Documents

    1. Valid civil ID.
    2. A receipt voucher by the supplier; if any.


Persons benefiting from the service

Borrowers and sponsors.


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