Obtaining a loan for Entrepreneurial projects

Estimated Time:

15 working days after completion of documents and feasibility study.


Public service desk and branches of the Fund in all Governorates.

Branches of the Fund in Jeeza(Central Area),

the northern Badia in Mafraq

and the Husseiniya area in Ma'an Governorate.

Po Box (922708) Amman (11192) Jordan-  Tel. 4618851 Fax 4618845.

You can contact the Public Service on (4618458)

The north branch (027102065)- The south branch (032341069).

Estimated Fee:

5 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

General conditions and criteria for obtaining the service:

1. The borrower / borrowers should not have existing projects or private businesses that generate reasonable income, unless the project is for development.

2. The Borrower / or Borrowers should have the ability, the technical and administrative expertise necessary to execute and operate the Project. 3. The Borrower / Borrowers shall not be beneficiaries of the Fund's loans or of intermediate institution loans approved by the Fund, unless the project is for development.

4. The age of the borrower and sponsor shall not be less than (22) years and not more than (60) years and be a Jordanian citizen.

5. The project should meet the entrepreneurship criteria (new product, new methods, new markets, serving remote areas).

6. The project should provide at least four jobs.

7. The ceiling of financing is up to a maximum of one hundred thousand JODs and the loan amount is determined based on the feasibility study submitted.

8. A Murabaha rate of (5%) applies for projects within Amman, (4%) for projects outside Amman, and a grace period of (12) months from the date of signing the agreement and repayment period of (8) years.


Financing entrepreneurial projects that provide a new product (service) and provide four or more job opportunities.

The borrower bears 25% of the cost of the project as construction expenses for the project (rents, water and electricity supplies, licenses.

Partner institutions:

Departments and institutions where the sponsor / sponsors work. •

Productivity Enhancement Centers (IRADA) if the amount of funding exceeds JD 7,000. •

The Department of Land and Survey in case of mortgaging the property as collateral. •

Social Security Corporation. •

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply or its directorates in the governorates. •

Greater Amman Municipality, other municipalities. •

Commercial banks.


  1. Visit any branch of the fund and talk to the credit officer.
  2. The credit officer shall provide all information on the terms and conditions of lending and guarantees required, and types of projects eligible for financing.
  3. After agreeing on the type of project and required guarantees, the applicant shall be provided with a list showing all the requirements and a letter to the Productivity Enhancement Center (IRADAH), depending on the project’s site, and communicate with the sponsors' employer to obtain non-objection letters to deduction and/or address the Lands & survey department to obtain a price appraisal of the property to be mortgaged,
  4. Once all documents are ready, the applicant will be directed to visit the relevant branch to submit the documents and forms to the credit officer.
  5. The credit officer shall verify all documents and if complete, the loan application form shall be filled-out, signed and entered into the electronic lending system.
  6. The credit officer shall set an appointment for an inspection visit of the site to verify its readiness.
  7. The credit officer shall visit the site and prepare a study on its readiness.
  8. The application is then transferred to the Entrepreneurial projects’ Loans Committee.
  9. The application is then presented to the Entrepreneurial projects’ Loans Committee.
  10. Upon approval of the Committee, the file shall be returned to the relevant branch for signing the agreement by the Borrower and the sponsor / sponsors.
  11. The agreement is then signed along with any annexes by the Borrower and the sponsor(s).
  12. The Borrower shall be handed-over a copy of the purchase commitment letter if the purchase is made according to Murabaha.
  13. The Borrower shall receive the material indicated in the price quotations by the supplier,and shall inform the Fund.
  14. A check disbursement visit shall be conducted to inspect the material on site.
  15. The disbursement officer shall prepare a report of the site visit for disbursement purposes:
  • To the supplier, in case of Murabaha financing.
  • To the family sponsor, in case of financing by legal power of attorney, upon submitting invoices illustrating the payments made.

Required Documents

First: Required documents during the application process:

  1. A certified copy of the civil ID of the borrower and the sponsor.
  2. A certificate of experience duly attested by the labor office or academic qualification for enterprises that require so.
  3. A profession practicing license issued by VTC for professions that require such a license (Carpentry, black smithery, barbers….etc.)
  4. A copy of the lease contract of the project’s site.
  5. An ownership deed in case of mortgaging a real estate property.
  6. The most recent electricity bill of the borrower’s housing.
  7. Price quotations of the material to be supplied;addressed to the Fund in accordance with Islamic Murabaha terms.
  8. Submit a copy of the supplier’s vocational license and commercial registration.
  9. Original salary statement of the sponsor and salary deduction letter issued by the latter’s employer.

Second: Required documents after approval by the Loans Committee to sign the agreement :

  1. Mortgage letter / guarantee of real estate property.
  2. Any additional terms requested by the Loan Committee.

Persons benefiting from the service

Borrowers and sponsors.


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