Visiting the project site for evaluation

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about (30) minutes.


The project's site.

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Conditions for obtaining service

First: General conditions and criteria related to the borrower:

  1. The applicant must be Jordanian.
  2. To be unemployed and have no registered enterprises.
  3. Has appropriate academic and practical qualification.
  4. The age of the borrower shall not be less than (18) years and not more than (60) years.

Second: General conditions and criteria related to the project:

  1. The project should be productive and economically feasible in the following fields: (industrial, craft, service, commercial, tourism, agricultural industry).
  2. The project should be income-generating and labor intensive for Jordanian labor.




Partner institutions:

•  Departments and institutions where the sponsor / sponsors work.

 •  Productivity Enhancement Centers (IRADA) if the amount of funding exceeds JD 7,000.

 •  The Department of Land and Survey in case of mortgaging the property as collateral.

 •  Social Security Corporation.

 •  Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply or its directorates in the governorates.

 •  Greater Amman Municipality, other municipalities.

 • Commercial banks.


  1. The Projects’ Officer visits the project site to verify whether it is suitable for the project or needs development.
  2. The officer shall fill-out the field visit form and document the visit on the borrower's file.
  3. The officer shall confirm the date of the borrower's revisit of the fund within a week, so that the Fund can complete the procedures, including the approval of the loan and its value.

Required Documents


Persons benefiting from the service

Borrowers and sponsors.


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