Skill-level training Program

Estimated Time:

Half an hour.
The duration of the training program ranges between (one semester, two semesters, to four training semesters) depending on the nature of the discipline, noting that the duration of the training period is 700 hours.



All VTC institutes around the Kingdom, depending on the availability of the discipline in the institute (s).

Estimated Fee:


1 JD for registration application for all levels.
30 JDs for Jordanians and Gazans residing in Jordan for one semester and 60 JDs for non-Jordanians for one semester
30 JDs for the tourism project program / first level for Jordanians and Gaza residing in Jordan, and 120 JDs for non-Jordanians
Free of charge for employees of the vocational training corporation, their children and their spouses.

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The skills-level training program is made into (Skilled, semi-skilled, technician, touristic)         

Conditions for obtaining service

Reading / Writing Skills. For the Semi-Skilled level, applicant must have passed the 10th grade as a minimum. For the skilled level, the applicant must have completed the 12th grade of school successfully as a minimum. A transcript for those who failed secondary school is not acceptable. For the technician level, the applicant must be at least (16) years of age. The applicant must be physically fit for the profession. The Applicants must be in a good position vis a vis the military service act. Payment of training fees and insurance fees.



Partner institutions:

Employers and vocational shop owners.


  • The candidate shall visit the vocational training institute to which he/she was referred.
  • Obtaining the approval of the admission and registration committee at the institute.

Required Documents

  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of the most recent academic qualification.
  • 6 personal photos for males and 4 for females measuring 6 × 4 cm.
  • A copy of the family book page 1, the parents’ page and student page.
  • Military service booklet for males who hold it.
  • A copy of the Bridges statistical card and Israeli permit; indicating the color of the card for West Bank residents.
  • Copy of the national aid card for the student whose family receives aid from the National Aid Fund.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanians, non-Jordanians, and x-Gazans residing in Jordan.


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