Making traffic studies and traffic census

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In case of providing information previously without any sensory detection of the location( 2 days) or lacking information(from 7 to 10 days)


Ministry of Public Works and Housing

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the department of traffic studies works on an annual census of vehicles according to a prepared timetable using electronic and manual devices and manpower to come up with the necessary recommendations. Studying the design of the traffic lights'locations and collecting information about road accidents with the participation of the public security to analyze them and find out the reasons.

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1. Technical teams working in field, installing traffic census' devises and starting with collecting information.
2. After returning from the field, information are entered on computers for revision and preparation as requested
3. Studying the results of collecting information and presenting the required designs and appropriate suggestions. 

Required Documents

Parties wishing to know about the traffic study are provided with this service when requested through an official letter.

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