Participating in committees

Estimated Time:
One week
Ministry of PublicWorks and Housing Headquarter
Estimated Fee:

According to the laws and applicable regulations in his ministry

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  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service



This service is especially for the committees in the other departments and requestingthe participation of those experienced  from the ministry

Partner institutions:



1. Sending an official letter from the department requesting, which include the formation statingthe subject of formingthe committee
2. Registering the letter in the head ministry’s bureau
3. Transferring the letter to the General-Secretary. 
4. Transferring the letter to the concerned directorates.
5. Placement of a representative or more to participate in the committee and according to the request of the official requesting body.
6. Preparing an official letter with the names of the participators.
7. Certify the letter by the concerned department manager
8. Signing the letter by the General-Secretary.
9. Issue the letter from the ministry’s bureau to the requesting body. 


Required Documents

Official letter submitted to this ministry or a recall from the citizens

Persons benefiting from the service

(Official bodies) ministries, institutes, government departments – citizens- contractors- consultants


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