Training fresh graduated engineers

Estimated Time:

Submitting and receiving the application: (15) minutes

Joining the program:According to the provided allowances and application seniority


Ministry’s headquarter / training and development directorate.

Estimated Fee:


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Conditions for obtaining service



Additional information and the conditions to benefit from the program: -
1.The engineer should be Jordanian     
2. The engineer should be registered in one of the engineering divisions in the Jordanian Engineers Association.   
3. The engineer Should not be linked to any other work in his field since graduation  
4. The engineer should not have joined any other training program
5.He must not have previously worked in his field
6.He must not have been graduated with BSc degree for more than three years

Partner institutions:



1. Filling the training application and attaching the necessary documents.
2. Submitting the application and documents to the office of public service for auditing. 
3. Giving a refer card for the  applicant stating the application’s number and date
4. Transferring the application to the training and development directorate. 
5. Waiting for admission to the training in the newspapers and by the seniority in submitting application 

Required Documents

- Membership certificate from JEA
- A copy of the identity card.
- One personal picture-
- Marks statement from University /Institute
- Marks statement of high school
– A recent letter from the union stating that the engineer did not benefit from any training program.

Persons benefiting from the service

Fresh graduated engineers


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