Tourists, Students, and Families Train Trips

Estimated Time:

5 minutes


Amman Station /Traffic Department 

Estimated Fee:

1.    Train Fare depending on the type of train and trip.
2.    25% to be added to the train fare for shooting provided it does not exceed two hours. 
3.    25% to be added for every additional lounge extra to the prescribed number of 5 lounges. 
4.    JOD. 30.000 to be paid against each hour of delay. 
5.    Train capacity is 150 passengers.

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Conditions for obtaining service

1.    A tour organizer should be present to coordinate with the Corporation, sign an undertaking, arrange the seating of participants inside the carriages, and keep carriages clean and tidy.
2.    Booking must be reconfirmed before one week and at least 25% of the fixed tour cost must be paid. 
3.    Show up at the station half an hour prior to the departure time to the required destination. 
4.    Departure and return times must be abided by and in case of delay; the booking organization shall pay for every hour of delay. 
5.     A standard trip includes 150 passengers and five lounges.  If additional lounges are required, payment should be made for each additional lounge (25% of the total fare).



1.        There should be a trip organizer he must coordinate with JHR and sign a guarantee to organize participants in coaches and coaches cleaning.

2.        Checking reservation a week earlier and paying not less than 25% of the trip fee.

3.        Coming to the station 30 minutes  before departure.

4.        Commitment to departure and arrival dates and for each hour delay the organizer should pay.

5.        Ordinary trip includes 200 passengers, 4 coaches and should pay for each extra coach.

6.   Portable gas cookers or alike shall not be permitted during the tour.

Other Information

Train Schedules and Fares of Tourist Trips

rates of steam and diesel trips

train recervation application


Partner institutions:



    1. Contact the Head of the Movement Section to make booking for either steam or diesel train as requested and set the trip time. 
   2. Fill out the form for requesting a private train. 
   3. Pay the tour fare and sign an undertaking. 

Required Documents

-    I.D. Card or passport of the tour organizer.

Persons benefiting from the service





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