Huawei holds digital transformation conference in Amman

Amman, July 16 (Petra) –


 Huawei company Tuesday held a conference under the theme of "Leading New ICT, The Road to Jordan Digital Transformation," and aimed to support the ambitions of Jordan’s National ICT Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Held under the patronage of Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Muthana Gharaibeh, the two-day conference comes in coordination with the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) and the participation of key operatives in the sector.

During the program, Huawei showcased the world’s latest innovations in digital AI Storage , cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being weaved into platforms that support the digitization of the Jordanian economy.

Paul Feng, CEO of Huawei Levant Region, said: "The future will be a fully-connected, intelligent world, in which everything is aware and everything is interconnected. Digital transformation will enable everyone to take full advantage of the benefits of living in a smart world, making it more important than ever before for governments and businesses to adopt the latest technologies.

"Huawei IT Open Day creates an open environment that provides leaders with access to the technology tools they need to accelerate their digital transformation journey."

Haze Naimat, Deputy Major of Amman, added: "Jordanians look to Amman to lead the way in terms of innovation and future plans. By hosting an initiative such as the Huawei IT Open Day we are opening doors to discussion for the best ways in which technology can be implemented to benefit our city and country, while gaining inspiration from the plethora of products and solutions Huawei offers. This was a successful initiative, and we look forward to achieving our vision for a digitally-driven world."