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Organizational Chart

The Corporation includes currently 7 directorates. The Civil Service Consumer Corporation’s organizational structure contains the following directorates:


Trade Affairs Directorate:

It includes: Local Purchases Section, Foreign Purchases Section, Markets Provision Section and Sales Section.

The Trade Affairs Directorate is in charge of following up the implementation of contracts (upon the decisions of the Board of Directors and Purchases Committee), whether contracts are for purchasing foods or other local or foreign goods. It is also in charge of following up the opening of letters of credits according to proper regulations and carrying out any other jobs assigned to it according to instructions in effect.


Financial Affairs Directorate:

It includes: Salaries Section, Expenditures Section, Markets and Warehouses Accounting Section, Checks and Cashier Control Section, General Accounts Section and the Archive.

The Financial Affairs Directorate is in charge of financial supervision tasks in terms of the implementation of contracts and agreements between the Corporation and those dealing with it, the implementation of bank agreements and the preparation of the Corporation’s general budget plan.


Administrative Affairs Directorate:

It includes the Personnel Section, Supplies, Bureau, and Cards Section.

The Administrative Affairs Directorate is in charge of providing the Corporation’s directorates and markets with human resources according to the required qualifications and experiences. It is also in charge of following up all the personnel related issues and meeting the needs of the directorates and markets of supplies and stationary.


Warehouse Directorate:

It includes the Accounting Section, Production Section, Warehouses Section and Transport Section

It is in charge of following up the procurement of goods and the replenishing warehouses, in coordination with the other concerned directorates. It is also in charge of taking the necessary measures involved with receiving, storing and distributing the products to the markets. 


Computer Directorate:

It includes the Automated and Information Systems Section and the Automatic Operation Section. It is in charge of the automation of all manual operations and the collection and storage of data as well as its management within an existing data base. It is also in charge of providing information and health reports for the corporation’s decision makers at the right time. 


Studies and Administrative Development Directorate:

It includes the Training and Development Section and the Systems and Methods Sections.

It is in charge of the preparation and formulation of administrative development plans and programs, and of taking the necessary measures to ensure the improvement of performance competence and efficiency in the Corporation. This is done through training programs and the continued updating of the organizational structures as well as the simplification of the corporation’s work procedures.


Inspection and Internal Control Directorate:

It includes the Financial Control Section, Markets and Warehouses Control Section and the Administrative and Trade Control Section.

It is in charge of ensuring the soundness and efficiency of internal control systems and of ensuring that rules, regulations and instructions are being implemented correctly.