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The Department of Press and Publications contributes to producing and publishing a wide range of print-media activities that are presented to citizens, people in media and those interested in such activities. It undertakes a number of information activities assigned to it, which can be summarized in three main missions:


1.        Implement laws and organizational regulations related to press and publications, and cooperate with press institutions to facilitate their work, on the basis of the Press and Publications Law No. (8) for the year 1998.

2.        Supervise press publications, books, manuscripts, audio and video classifications and local and imported materials, on the basis of the Control of Audio Visual Classifications Law No. (8) for the year 1998.

3.        Produce and publish press publications periodically or annually on the various aspects of Jordan’s civilization in an objective manner, for the benefit of citizens, and to fulfill the requirements of media people inside and outside Jordan.


Department Establishment Date: 1927

Administrative Connection: Minister of Information

Number of General Directorates: Seven Directorates

Number and Addresses of Branches in the Kingdom:

1.        Amman Post Office

2.        Irbed Post Office

3.        Central Post Office


The Press and Publications Department used to be a Directorate within the Ministry of Information, with no independent budget or a separate staffing regulation, and no administrative bylaws that regulate its operation in a manner that corresponds with the volume of work assigned to it.


The Press and Publications Law for the year 1993 was published, and the Department was considered an independent entity attached to the Minister of Information, and its budget and staff regulations were separated for the year 1993.


A Royal Decree was issued approving the Organization and Administration of the Press and Publications Department Regulation No. (2) for the year 1994, effective as of the date of its publishing in the Official Gazette. It was published on February 1, 1994.