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Jordan Investment Board (JIB) was established under the Investment Promotion Law No. (16) for the year 1995. JIB launched its services as a financially and administratively independent entity since 1/1/1996. Before that, it was a department in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.  The objective of JIB since inception has been to support the national economy through focusing most of its activities on investment. Such focused endeavor is translated into dedicated efforts that start with depicting a good image of Jordan in general, attracting and soliciting local, Arab, and international investments to Jordan; through to facilitating and simplifying licensing procedures for such investment projects and providing them with all facilities, incentives, and exemptions as approved by applicable laws and regulations.  Such facilities include the issuance of investors' cards, resident and visit permissions for investors. Investment is one of the four major economic pillars: saving, consumption, production, and investment. It is the main locomotive to drive the wheel of economic growth. Therefore, the role of JIB, by the nature of its function, has a direct impact on the promotion and growth of the national economy.

Head of Entity
Mr. Nasser Al-snaa
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