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Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure


The Higher Committee:

·            Joint Chief of Staff, Chairman

·            Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Training, Member

·            Director of Military Survey, Member

·            Director General of the Land and Survey Department, Member

·            Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Member

·            Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Works, Member

·            Secretary General of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural and Environmental Affairs, Member

·            Secretary General of the Ministry of Planning, Member

·            Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority, Member

·            Director General of the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center, Member



The Directorates of the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center


Organizational Structure


1.      Public Administration:

The administration is responsible for shaping and pursuing the general policy for the center ad coordinating with the local, regional and international parties.


The Director General’s office and the department of control are directly linked with the public administration. The Director General’s office incorporates the public Relations, Secretariat, Documentation section and Transport.


2.      Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs:

The department handles all personnel and financial affairs and comprises of four sections, Personnel Affairs, Financial section, Purchases and Storage sections.



3.      Department of Planning:

The department is responsible for setting up the plans for each and every project carried out by the center.


The department also estimates the cost, time and personnel needed for each project. It also lays down the annual plans of production and handles the supervision of these plans.


The department consists of three sections: Project Studies and Specification, Research and Library , Supervision and Follow up and training section.


4.      Department of Production:

Following the drawing up of plans, the projects are carried out by the department of production which adheres to the time limit and the specifications of each project. The department comprises for three sections: Field Survey, Photogrammetry and Cartography.


5.      Department for Technical Services:

The department is responsible for maintaining the buildings and repairing the equipment and instruments. It also provides the necessary material for the processes for photography and printing of maps, books, or any other publications.


The department consists of two sections:

Maintenance and Photography and Printing.


6.      Department of Advanced Applications:

The department of advanced applications incorporates the National Remote Sensing Center which aims at promoting and providing Remote Sensing technology and Satellite Imagery Analysis to both the private and public sectors.


The department is equipped with all the necessary hardware and software programmers needed for the Geographic Information system (GIS) and Remote Sensing analysis in addition to an integral digital mapping system.


The department consists of three sections:

Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and the Computer.


7.      Department of Control and Inspection:

The department aids the public administration in ensuring the fulfillment of the objectives set by the administration in accordance with the plans and policies of the center.


The department also provides the administration with information on the progress of work in order to estimate the cost, time and manpower needed, in addition to setting up annual plans, determining specifications and supervising the execution of projects. The department incorporates three sections: Control, Evaluation and Administrative and Technical Development.


8.      Royal Jordanian Geographic Center College for Survey Sciences:

The college is affiliated to AL Balqa Applied University and provides two programmers on the diploma and BSc levels in Survey Sciences, Cartography, Survey Engineering and Spatial Geodesy.


The college also holds a number of specialized courses that fall within its annual training plan frame and according to the needs of concerned parties.