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The ports of Aqaba witnessed big increase in cargo handling. It reached (21) million tons for the first time in history (year 2004) & (20.4) million tons in (year2005). Compared with handling of (17.8) m. tons on year 2003 with increase of (18%).


2001 – A Record – Breaking Year


2001 has been the most successful year for the port of Aqaba since 1991 with traffic volumes surpassing "13” million tons. Such a throughput has exceeded the most optimistic forecasts and expectations in view of the current unusual and unstable political and consequently economic climate in the region. This remarkable achievement attained last year was sparked off by the port's full commitment to provide professional and superior services on the one hand and to continue development and expansion on the other. To invest in such a unique combination is not an easy task, but we believe that is the only way to generate business and to satisfy our clients and meet their demanding requirements.

Similarly, the port of Aqaba will continue to act as a catalyst for the development of the maritime sector in Jordan and speeding up the required change. A change where the right customer-oriented attitude, flexibility, awareness, commitment, reliability, credibility and the desire to serve are initiated and cultured within the port community. The Port of Aqaba has throughout the past five decades built a reputation of "Quality" service and will pursue  this approach as "Quality" is fast becoming a key word in describing the world trade of today in general and the maritime industry in particular.