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A historical overview of the e-Jordanian postal services

Are one of the first infrastructure services constituent of the Jordanian State, and therefore need to founding institutions to communications and correspondence for several quarters, a postal service had existed since the beginning of the Jordanian State began as a mail service, telephone and telegraph in Jordan formally with the first government known as (the Principals), and that was in 1921. where established (Postal Service), which included at the outset (8) post office, have been linked to the telephone network and provided some equipment and teletype machines, which operate on the old method of Morse and then applied the laws and rules and regulations that were in place in Palestine during the British mandate, after some of the adjustments necessary to subsequently consistent with the economic, administrative and financial aspects of the country where special regulations issued by mail and parcels, remittances and bills mail.

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Mr. Ahmad Obaidat
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