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The procession of the Royal Medical Services started and developed in different phases:

1.    The main phase from 1941-1962, during which medical services were limited to providing medical attention and prevention health to memebers of the armed.

2.    Expansion and National role through the period (1963 – 1982). This phase    witnessed more expansion including hospitals, medical centers in all advanced   medical special stations  
As a result of confirming the military insurance which gave families their right for medical care.

3.     The National established phase through (1982-1987) .This phase witnessed a great expansion with sub- medical specializations which appeared through the national roles. As a result of this, Royal Medical Service has been confessed as the main center for technician training residency and sub specialty programs

4.    The Modern phase (regional charming and national role 1990) till now this phase include new things such as new medical application were added to show more development in all medical fields and subspecialty also the medical mission inside or outside Jordan to help people all over the world who are in need.

Head of Entity
Major General Dr Abdellaziz Al-ziadat
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