Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Licensing and Classification of a Tourist Restaurant

Types of Tourist Restaurants:

Tourist Restaurant- Tourist Cafeterias - Tourist Rest Houses - Tourist Parks - Amusement and Recreation Centers – Nightclubs - par ).

Required Documents

1.    A completed form or a letter of request enclosed with:

·   A Certificate of Non-Criminal Record for restaurant owner.

·   Land site plan issued by the Department of Land and Survey/ recent.

·   Zoning scheme issued by authorized parties as per the area (Amman, Aqaba and Municipialities).

·   Architectural blueprints.

·   Ownership deed or duly certified lease contract (enclosed with a copy of ownership deed), whereby the purposes of rent are specified according to the profession to be licensed.

2.   The Ministry addresses the following bodies to obtain necessary approvals:

·   Zoning approval from the authorized bodies.

·   Name and trade register from Ministry of Trade and Industry with a registered capital of no less than thirty thousand dinars.

·   Approval of Civil Defense Directorate of the architectural blueprints of the project or approval of Civil Defense Directorate to allow receiving guests at completion of project or if the building is already complete.


Procedures of Licensing and Classification of a Tourist Restaurant for the First Time:

After submission of the above documents and requirements, and completion of the restaurant, the Ministry is notified accordingly in writing. The Classification Committee inspects the restaurant to compare the actual premises with the approved specifications for classification and determination of appropriate grade. Its report is presented to the Tourism Committee to issue the necessary decision for the classification and licensing of the restaurant.

After approval of the Tourism Committee of the recommendations of the Classification Committee, concerned parties are informed to approach the Ministry for completion of the following licensing procedures:


1.      Completing the Licensing Form

2.      Payment of legal fees determined according to granted classification grade.

3.      Certified copy of trade name and trade register for the year intended for licensing.

4.      Presentation of a copy of enrolment and subscription to the Jordan Restaurant Association.

5.      Certificate of Non-Criminal Record for personnel employed at the restaurant.

6.      Approach Department of Information and Statistics at the Ministry to fill out required forms.

7.      After submission of above requirements, the Ministry issues the necessary tourist license.

Average Time for Completing the Service
About one week after submission of above documents.