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“An advanced environment of ICT and Postal services that is efficient, competitive and accessible to all; supporting effectively the economic and social development of Jordan”.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure advanced high quality ICT and postal services are available to all at affordable price;.
  • To develop an open regulatory environment that promotes fairness, competition and investment;
  • To work with all beneficiaries and stakeholders in an open, transparent and professional manner; and
  • To build a world class regulatory body staffed by highly qualified, well trained professionals”.

TRC General Information


The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) was established by means of the Telecommunications Law No. 13 of 1995, and its amending temporary law No. 8 of 2002 as an independent jurisdictional body tasked with regulating the telecommunications and information technology sectors.

Head of Entity
CEO Mohammad Al Taani
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