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Since 2000, the Government of Jordan has pursued economic reforms in a number of areas aimed at attracting investment, job creation, and integration into regional and global markets.  These measures include the establishment of specialized government agencies to promote investment and support export growth as well as the use of economic zones

To achieve these goals, The Jordan Investment Commission (the JIC) was set up in May 2014 as part of the Jordanian government’s effort to streamline and unify the nation’s major government investment institutions. The new Commission is, therefore, the successor of three former bodies: the Export Promotion Department of the Jordan Enterprise and Development Corporation (JEDCO), the Development and Free Zones Commission and the Jordan Investment Board

At the JIC, which will not only have the wherewithal to achieve exponential gains for the country but also possess the necessary flexibility to respond to changes and emerging trends in the international and domestic investment economic environment

Under the Investment Law (No. 30 of 2014), JIC is identified as the lead agency for implementing the Government’s investment promotion policies and activities.  Article 21 of the Investment Law provides JIC with the objectives of

  • Attracting, encouraging and promoting domestic and foreign investment
  • Ensuring sustainability and attractiveness of the investment climate to stimulate  economic activity
  • Increasing confidence in the investment environment
  • Increasing exports







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