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The procession of the Royal Medical Services started and developed in different phases:

1.      The main phase from 1941-1962, during which medical services were limited to providing medical attention and prevention health to memebers of the armed forces:

·            In 1941 RMS started with one doctor, vehicle and few medicines.

·            In the 17th Of December 1948 , the first medical station was built in Betonia near Ramallah, West Bank.

·            After the war of 1948. It emerged that there should be a hospital that goes with the needs of the Armed Forces, so some of the barraks were used in Marka-Amman for this purpose..

·            Then they established two departments for surgery and internal medicine, also surgical operation room and X-Ray machine. This was the nucleus of the main Military hospital

·            Through the period of 1950 – 1967 two groups of medical aids were established which later developed to be medical battalions.

·            In 20th Of April 1960 the Royal Medical Training Center was established, the center was expanded in 1988 to be The Royal Medical Services School, and then in 1992 the school was replaced with Royal Medical Service College which was confessed by the ministry of education.

·            The aim of this college is to train and enhance the students level in different medical fields

·            In October 1961, the main medical stores were built to support and supply all units of Royal Medical Services, with medicines and medical tools.

·            In 1962, Princess Muna college for Nursing was established which super raised by British nurses to train and prepare nurses in different medical fields, started with 12 cadets ,1200 nurses were graduated until the year of 1998, the college was officially joined to Mutah university, military wing in 1998-1999 to grant the Bachelor degree in nursing .

2.      Expansion and National role through the period (1963 – 1982). This phase    witnessed more expansion including hospitals, medical centers in all advanced   medical special stations   

  As a result of confirming the military insurance which gave families their right for medical care

·            In march , first ,1963 another hospital was established in Al-Zarqa city, which later was replaced  by military hospital
files (Prince Hashem Bin Al Hussein Hospital).

·             In March, the 27th 1966 the first hospital was built near Ramallah (West Bank), which later was moved to Irbid after the war of 1967 and settled there in a hired apartment which nowadays called (Mabarrat UM Al-Hussein). Then they moved it to (Edon town) as (Prince Rashed Bin Al-Hassan Hospital).

·            After the war of 1967 and exactly in 1969 they started to build (King Hussein Medical Center) to be the main Educational center for the Royal Medical Services and it was finished in 14th of August 1973.

·            In November the 14th 1977 Princess Haya  Bint Al-Hussein) was established in Aqaba city. Then in 1982 two mobile field hospitals were deployed in service.

3.      The National established phase through (1982-1987) .This phase witnessed a great expansion with sub- medical specializations which appeared through the national roles. As a result of this, Royal Medical Service has been confessed as the main center for technician training residency and sub specialty programs:

·            Queen Alia Medical Heart Institute was established in 1982, and officially been opened in March , the 30th , 1983.

·            Royal Rehabilitation  Center started in service in March, the 30th , 1983.

·            In July first 1987 Queen Alia Hospital was built in Amman.

·            On the first of December 1987, the Institute of Bio-Medical Technology was established for training and graduating bio medical technicians to seal the shortage as a mutual cooperation in Royal Medical Services and Ministry of health.

4.      The Modern phase (regional charming and national role 1990) till now this phase include new things such as new medical application were added to show more development in all medical fields and subspecialty also the medical mission inside or outside Jordan to help people all over the world who are in need.

·            In 1992 the first patient was received in (Prince Zaid Bin Al-Hussein Hospital) in Tafelah city.

·             In the year 2000 - princess Eman Bint Abdullah II for research and Laboratory Science and Prince Hussein Ben Abdullah II center for oncology were added to King Hussein Medical Center.

·            In 2007, Lasec Centre was opened at KHMC too.

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