Trading Data Dissemination via GL screens

Estimated Time:

After completing all the necessary procedures


Data Disseminations/ICT Operations Division

Estimated Fee:

JD 6,000 annually for every station and it shall be paid in advance in the beginning of the contractual year.

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Providing the interested party with an inquiry Stations for the purpose of displaying real time trading information, the station is directly connected to the electronic trading system through a leased line.

Conditions for obtaining service

-The Company shall at its own cost and expenses provide a line connection with (64K) Capacity for each screen. -The Company shall provide a PC that has the technical specifications set by the ASE at their own expense. -The counterparty should name a liaison officer to coordinate on the technical matters. -The Company is obliged not to distribute the information to another company. Commitment to the provisions of the relevant agreement.



Partner institutions:



  • Review the request and submit it to the ASE management to take the appropriate decision.
  • Sign the relevant data distribution agreement with the company.

Required Documents

  • A letter of request form the company that includes the following:
  • The firm’s registration certificate.
  • The company's articles of association and memorandum of association.
  • A brief description of the firm's activities, its objectives and the volume of its investment portfolio at the ASE.

Persons benefiting from the service

Institutional Investors


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