Awqaf Properties Development Department

General Information

The Department of Awqaf Properties Development was launched in early 2003 as a department affiliated with the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs, and Holly places. It was established to serve as the investment arm of the Ministry of Awqaf, which develops and invests endowed lands and funds. This manifestation of the Ministry’s assiduous to achieve the best investment of these funds; without being adversely affected with the concerns, interests and overwhelming preoccupation of the Ministry of Awqaf.


Leading in the development and investment of Endowment funds to contribute to the comprehensive development


To enrich the Endowment process and deepen its impact in society, by providing the necessary funding for endowment programs. This includes mosques affairs, education, health care and social assistance, following the objectives of endowers; to serve as tributary of economic development and employment, as an additional effort to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

Services of the Department

  1. Rental Service:

The Department provides a number of short term rentals for periods ranging from one to three years.

  1. Investment Service:

The department provides real estate and endowment investment services for periods of more than three years. This service is available to the public sector, private investors and individuals from inside and outside the Kingdom to take part in concessions of real estate properties and endowed lands of all kinds.

Objectives of the Department

  • Development and investment of movable and immovable endowed funds, and maximizing their revenues.
  • Community service through supporting Endowment programs in different sectors.
  • Contribute towards comprehensive social and economic development.
  • Enhance institutional performance, and improve the quality of service to achieve public satisfaction.

Contact Information

  • City
  • amman
  • PO Box
  • 9376
  • Address
  • JABAL ALWEIBDIAH BESIDE ALSHAREIH MOSQUE, Faculty of Sharia Street, Building No. 55
  • ZIP Code
  • jordan 11191
  • Fax
  • (+962) 6 4632617


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