Ministry of Industry and Trade And Supply


H.E.Dr. Tariq Mohammad Hammouri

Biography and Qualifications Summary

Dr. Tariq Hammouri is the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply. Alongside his position as Minister he also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of many institutions including Jordan Civil Service Consumer Corporation, Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JISMO) and the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO).

Born in Amman, Jordan, Dr. Tariq Hammouri holds a Ph.D. in Commercial Law from the University of Bristol, LL.M in Commercial Law from the University of Edinburgh, and is a graduate from the University of Jordan.

H.E. Minister Hammouri has a diverse career in the legal industry, both in the private sector and academia.  He was the youngest Dean of Law School in the University of Jordan in 2012, he was an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Jordan.

Additionally, Dr. Tariq served as a legal advisor to the Government of Jordan and took a key role in reforming Jordanian legislations, such as: the Companies Law and the Jordanian Investment Law, in addition to practicing law and representing private sector companies and providing legal advice to them, which made him exposed to the needs and challenges that face investors.

He also served as a board member of many leading institutions and public and private sector companies including King Abdullah Fund, The Social Security Investment Fund, the Judicial Training Institute, The Islamic International Arab Bank, Jordan Ahli Bank, Electricity Distribution Company, Samra Electricity, The National Company for Touristic Development, Kingdom Electricity for Energy Investments Company, the Rakaez for Investment- a Public Shareholding Listed Company, the Fatihoon Arab for Manufacturing- a Public Shareholding Listed Company as well as a Board of Trustees Member at  Jadara University.

Dr. Tariq’s main practices include, but are not limited to: Banking, Financial Markets, Finance, Contracts, Privatization, Aviation, Insurance, Commercial Advisory, Commercial Law, Companies & Bankruptcy Law, International Trade, Commercial Papers & Banking Transactions, Securities and Financial Markets, Commercial Arbitration, Sale & Supply of Goods, Industrial & Commercial Property Law, E-Commerce Law, Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Legal Aspects of International Commercial Transactions.

General Information

According to its law number 18 for the year 1998, the Ministry takes on the responsibilities of regulating the industry by type, classifying and registering it according to an internal regulation, and preparing the programs and studies that work on developing the industry and increasing its competitiveness.
The Ministry also takes on the task of regulating the internal and external trade, monitoring it, and preparing the studies and the agreements that protect the interest of the country and the citizen.
Finally, The Ministry takes upon itself the study of trade and industrial blocs and authorities, Arab and international, recommending to The Council of Ministers ways to deal with them, the feasibility of joining them, and showing their effect on the national economy.

National Objectives of The Ministry:
•    Developing the Jordanian economy to be prosperous and open to regional and global markets.
•    Enabling the national economy to absorb the growing annual flow of the Jordanian labor.
•    Strengthening the government administration to be financially stable, transparent and accountable to the central and local levels.

Institutional Objectives:
•    Contributing to promote a stimulating environment for economic and investment activity.
•    Maximizing the commercial and industrial performance.
•    Organizing the internal and external trade and control.
•    Developing and activate a system to protect the rights of consumers and businesses sector.
•    Encourage research, development and innovation.
Our vision is launch of inclusiveness in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply of the pivotal role of the ministry in building and strengthening the national economy to improve the live and prosperity of Jordanian citizens by offering efficient and high quality services in the context of a true partnership with the private sector.
Contributing in achieving a continuous economic growth through:
•   Proficient and effective administration of Jordan economic and commercial dual, regional and international multiple parties relations. 
•   Developing and implementing the policies, legislations and programs  aiming to boost business and investment environment in a form that                    increases Jordan economic attraction and insures the consumers and business sector rights and benefits.

Core Values
•    High levels of professional and personal ability, honesty, eligibility of trust and confidentiality. 
•    Performance-based culture based on achieving the objectives effectively and responsibly. 
•    Provide appropriate practical and vocational advice and services in a way that cope up with the changing needs of customers with the ministry. 
•    Promoting the concept of partnership with other devices and the community to improve and increase the services provided.
•    Effective leadership at all levels that encourages creativity, innovation and initiative. 
•    Appreciate and reward individual performance and achievement, collective fairness and equality, including staff. 
•    Achievement through cooperation, productive teamwork and efficient communication.
•    Encouraging learning and personal development.
National Objectives
•    Developing the Jordanian economy to be prosperous and open to regional and global markets.
•    Enabling the national economy to absorb the growing annual flow of the Jordanian labor.
•    Strengthening the government administration to be financially stable, transparent and accountable to the central and local levels.



Contact Information

  • City
  • Amman
  • PO Box
  • 2109
  • Address
  • Amman Shumeisani Al-sharef Al-Radi Street - Building Number 11
  • ZIP Code
  • 11181
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 5684692


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