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General Information
































CCD has been established as an independent Department from the Ministry of Industry and Trade since early 2003. It provides all services that are continuously elevated to satisfy the customer and the investor and which are also performed simply, quickly and accurately.
































































































CCD’s continuous efforts look forward to becoming a modernized service center that presents its simple, transparent and equity services for service recipients and puts potentialities before them by its different departments and offices.































































CCD's  Vision
































































The Department looks forward to be distinctive in providing registration services and implementing effective control tools to ensure and activate the principles of companies’ governance, and to provide secure growing investment environment in order to develop the national economy.
































































CCD's Mission:
































































 The Companies Control Department provides companies’ registration services and its control according to the financial and legal control regulatory to protect service recipients’ rights through team spirit and implementing the methods of TQM for the development of national economy.
































































































The National targets the department Contributes in:
































































First target : Stimulating business and investment environment
































































Second target: Improving the status and quality of services provided citizens.































































































Institutional objectives:
































































Active participation in promoting investment.
































































To develop and implement control tools on companies, and to activate the rules of companies governance that deal with the best practices of wise government within the values of transparency, justice, discipline, accountability and responsibility.
































































To build up the human resources capacity and to continue in providing a positive working environment that promotes growth and learning.
































































To develop the ways of providing services to their recipients.
































































Companies Control Department’s services:
































































First: Registration Services:
































































*Registration of all types of companies stipulated in law:
































































General partnership Co.                                 * Non profit companies
































































Limited partnership Co.                                  * Arab Sharing Companies
































































Limited liability Co.
































































Limited partnership in shares Co.
































































Public shareholding Co.
































































Private shareholding Co.
































































Civil Companies
































































Operating and non-operating foreign Companies (Headquarters' Companies and representatives offices).
































































Companies registered pursuant to agreements concluded by the governments with other states.
































































Joint Investment Companies registered as a public shareholding co.
































































Offshore Companies registered as a public/Private shareholding Co. or a limited partnership in shares or a limited liability Co.
































































Holding Companies registered as a public shareholding Co.































































































*Registration of Companies by one of the following:
































































Direct registration (by the partners or company's advocate or notary publich)
































































Applying the application of registering a company Electronically (via our website).
































































Second: Post-Registration Services:
































































To perform all the amendments on the companies' Article and memorandum of association and to document the amended articles, data and the documents that are required by the law.
































































To document all the articles of shares' transfers and reconciliation of transforming the shares by inheritance.
































































To issue certificates and official books in accordance to the documents deposited in the Department.
































































To authenticate certificates and the documents deposited in the department.
































































To answer all inquiries related to registering all types of companies and its amendments, merger, ownership and liquidation.
































































To form different committees: auditing committees, investigating committees, transferring the company’s type committees and merger committees  in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations in force.
































































To study and view the situations of the defaults companies and to find proper solutions in coordination with the related bodies.
































































To provide information and statistical statements about the number of the registered companies and their capitals in a monthly statistical publication and the annual report.
































































To provide exact information on the registered companies and their partners to official and judicial bodies.
































































Third: Control Services:
































































CCD provides direct and indirect preemptive control services by means of:
































































Verifying all operations to make sure they comply with provisions of law.
































































Forming legal committees to verify if companies comply with the provisions of law.
































































Forming committees to study the legal problems that face companies and finding legal solutions.
































































Analyzing the financial statements to check if they conform with law and accounting standards and how legal accountants are committed to them.
































































Taking all necessary procedures for the companies that are incompatible with law to conciliate their situations before submitting to judicial bodies.
































































Guiding and instructing companies to proceed and take the legal and financial procedures to reconciliate their legal financial deflections if founded.
































































Supervising over the General Assembly meetings of public shareholding companies to make sure that they do not violate law.
































































Supervising on the companies that seek merger, acquisition, or transforming their legal type.
































































Carrying out real inspection over non-operating foreign companies' offices and offshore Companies to insure their commitment to law.
































































Placing a restriction sign preventing the partners and the company from disposing their shares upon receiving a letter from the authorized bodies.
































































Archiving all documents related to companies of all types.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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