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H.E.Mr. Mazin Abdellah Hilal Al Farrayeh.

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    HE Mazin Abdellah Hilal Al Farrayeh.

    Current Position: Minister of Interior.

    Personal information

    Name: Mazin Abdellah Hilal Al Farrayeh

    Marital Status: married with three daughters and two sons.

    Place and date of birth: Karak, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 1969.



    · Master degree in the Strategic Studies from US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (USAWC). · Master degree in Military Science from Joint Command and Staff College, Kuwait.

    · A bachelor's degree in Military Science from Mu’tah University.


    · A bachelor's degree in General Management from Mu’tah University.


    Work Experience:

    · Minister of Interior / the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - 7 March 2020.

    · Served in Artillery Corps at Jordanian Armed Forces for 25 years as Company, Platoon Battalion and Brigade Commander.

    · Instructor and coordination officer at the Royal School of Artillery.

    · Chief Operations in the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) Headquarters (HQ).

    · Military observer in United Nations Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG).

    · Jordan lead planner for coalition campaign against ISIS.

    · Senior National Representative (SNR) of Jordan in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida.

    · Capacity Building Director at )JAF(.

    · Operations Director of Jordan - crisis cell to deal with COVID- 19 pandemic.

    · Vice- Chairman of the National Center for Security and Crisis Management.

    Military courses

    · Ranger course / Parachute course.

    · Artillery course – Jordan.

    · Artillery Basic Course - Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA.

    · Company (Commander) leader Course.

    · Captain Career Course- Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA.

    · Fighting in urban areas – Jordan.

    · Artillery instructor course – Jordan.

    · Command and staff college – Jordan.

    · Command and staff college – Kuwait.

    · Peace keeping course – Austria.

    · Mobility course - Nato school / Germany.

    · Logistic course - Nato school / Germany.

    · US army war college (USAWC) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

    Medals and badges

    · Independence Medal

    · Appreciation Badge-long service

    · Training competency.


General Information

About the Ministry of Interior:


The establishment of the Ministry of Interior coincided with the formation of the first central government in Trans Jordan in 1921.  Over the past eight decades, the Ministry’s name was linked with the process of building the modern Jordanian state institutions, the task of preserving security and public order, and providing the best service to citizens in urban, rural and Bedouin areas.


Like other state institutions, the Ministry of Interior kept abreast with the social and economic development of the country, forming the framework through which Jordanian innovative, administrative and legal potential have interacted leading to the achievement of the best form of the modern state that is based on the sovereignty of law and respect of rights of individuals and groups.


In 1931, the Ministry of Interior acquired its naming and assumed its vast and various tasks, which, in addition to its main task of preserving security and public order, included protecting lives and public and private property, and providing services.


Supervision of projects and programs:

One of the royal initiatives of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein was to assign the governors the task of following up and supervising developmental projects in the governorates.  This was done in order to develop and improve all types of services provided to citizens and with the aim of raising the individual’s standard of living, as well as investing the legal and administrative authorities granted to governors through the laws, regulations and instructions in effect. This is done through:


1.        Preparing a suitable environment for all levels of investment and strengthening cooperation between the private and public sectors.

2.        Following up on the implementation of developmental projects and their level of compliance with set timelines.

3.        Addressing causes of failure of developmental projects through the governors using all legal and administrative and otherwise accountability.

4.        Preparing capital budgets for governorates in cooperation with executive and investment councils leading to the preparation of a capital budget that guarantees the fulfillment of citizens’ needs in their different residential locations.

5.        Training and qualifying promising leaderships to follow up and supervise developmental plans, through the development unit at the Ministry and the development units in the governorates.


Under His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, the Ministry continues its efforts to maintain and strengthen its accomplishments by:

·            Entrenching modern administrative concepts on the basis of facilitating matters for citizens.

·            Avoiding forms of complications and bureaucracy.

·            Raising the level of efficiency and productivity of Ministry employees.

·            Expanding the authorities of governors in the field and directors at headquarters for the sake of sustainable development and the implementation of developmental projects.

·            Reconsidering laws and regulations that govern its work.

·            Keeping up with the public national policy of encouraging investment and tourism.

·            Facilitating the arrival and residency of Arab and foreign investors in the Kingdom.

Contact Information

  • City
  • Amman
  • PO Box
  • 100
  • Address
  • Behind Regency Hotel, Ben Zaidoon Street, Building No. 9
  • ZIP Code
  • None
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 5606908


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