Development and Employment Fund

General Information

The Fund’s Establishment


The Development and Employment Fund was established by a decision from the Cabinet on 18/11/1989. It commenced its work in February 1991 as a directorate in the Industrial Development Bank and within its rules and regulations. It became financially and administratively independent after the issuance of its Law no. (33) for the year 1992 on 16/9/1992.



The Fund’s Objective


The government has established the Development and Employment Fund to bring awareness to, and encourage and finance, the poor, the low-income groups and the unemployed, who are skilled with a profession, to establish their own projects in the areas of industry, crafts, services or tourism, for the purpose of creating sustainable employment opportunities that provide them with suitable income, and for employing their capabilities in economic and social development, instead of them running after jobs and remaining unemployed while waiting for the required job or depending on assistance corporations.



Leadership in financing Small and Medium Enterprises for poor, low income and un-employed individuals to be the most able institution to achieve the highest participation rate in reducing unemployment and poverty, promoting sustainable development at the national and continuing to provide outstanding services for these groups and achieve their aspirations.


Creating the independent work opportunity as an important way to decrease the number of poor and un-employed by granting them obtainable loans, technical and administrative help to enable them to establish small and medium projects to guarantee to offer sustainable employment opportunities for them and others.

Establishing an atmosphere of equality and corporative relations, strengthening transparency and to furnish employment needs to raise their life morals and achieve motivation.    

Contributing in the developing society programs to reinforce the lasting sustainable development demands and community welfare.


The Fund’s Aim


In accordance with Article  (4) of its Law, the Fund aims to “enable poor, low-income or unemployed individuals, families and groups to work and produce for the purpose of contributing to combating poverty and unemployment”. In order to achieve that, the Fund, in accordance with Article (5), contributes with the following:

a.        Providing suitable financing, directly or indirectly, to beneficiary individuals, families and groups on easy terms.

b.        Qualification and rehabilitation for professions never previously prepared for, or sharpening skills and improving performance in professions to which the beneficiary employed.

c.        Helping individuals and volunteer local societies and institutions develop their capabilities in order to set and prepare small projects directed at Fund’s beneficiaries.

d.        Conducting scientific research and field studies to identify projects that could enable the beneficiary to achieve the Fund’s objectives and activities.

e.        Coordinating efforts with institutions working in the areas of social and productive work, in order to prevent duplication of financing and project establishment.


The Fund’s Management

The Fund’s management and direction is supervised by a Board of Directors chaired by the Minister of Labor and the membership of :-
a.    The Director General as Vice President.
b.    Secretary General of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.
c.    Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Development.
d.    Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance
e.    Four representatives of the economic, productive and service sectors nominated by the Cabinet upon the recommendation of the President for two         years renewable for a similar period and once.





Contact Information

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  • Amman
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  • 922708
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  • Al Abdali, Mones Al-Razaz Street, near the Capital Police Station, Building No. 16
  • ZIP Code
  • 11192
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 461 8845


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