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Brief Report about the Government Tenders Department


The Department Establishment:
The Government Tenders Department was established in 1982 in accordance with the provisions of the Government Works By-law No. (39) for the year 1982, and headed by a Director-General appointed a Cabinet decision and administratively connected directly with the Minister of Public Works and Housing. The Department is a central department and does not have other branches in the Kingdom.


Our Logo:
We work hard to achieve transparency ……  to rationalize decisions.


The Department strategic objectives:
1.    Developing effective legislations that enhance transparency organizations and assignment of government tenders. 
2.    Contributing to the regulation of the construction sector.
3.    Developing the Department corporate capabilities. 


Efficient and transparent government procurements. 


Management of tendering procurement for works procedures and engineering services with transparency, equal and fair opportunities to all qualified bidders and the development of legislation governing the government tenders.


-    Efficiency
-    Excellence in the institutional work
-    Transparency and accountability 
-    Justice.


Department Main Services:
The Government Tenders Department has adopted the electronic management idea since 1996, placing it in the forefront of government departments meeting with the aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein. Through its project in the e-government program, the Department simplifies and develops its procedures and expedites the services provided for all partners including the contractors, consultants, government and semi-government institutions, and private institutions. The Department also provides its services through its website ( in Arabic and English. 


The Government Tenders Department practices the tasks and authorities entrusted in it according to the provisions of the Government’s Works Regulation no. (71) for the year 1986 and its amendments, including:
1.    Continue to classify contractors and consultants, and qualify them in coordination with the specialized parties, and maintain information concerning them and their work for the purposes of work inside and outside the Kingdom in accordance with qualification instructions issued by the Minister.
2.    Check and analyze the government work and technical services tenders, compile, store and analyze this information. 
3.    Carry out secretarial work for central tender committees and the Supreme Committee for the Organization of the Construction Sector and any committees and bodies formed for the purpose of organizing this sector.
4.    Standardize general and specific conditions for carrying out a contract and technical service agreements, terms of reference, tender procedures, and develop these conditions and procedures according to current laws, regulations and instructions. 
5.    Issuing periodic circulars on the construction sector, prices of construction materials and work items.


The Department Organizational Structure:
The Department administrative staff consists of (81) employees subject to the Civil Service Regulations, 72% of whom are university graduates in various areas of specialization. The Department is headed by a director general. The following directorates and units are reporting to the director general:
1.    Deputy Director General
2.    Bidding directorate
3.    Classification and qualification directorate
4.    Finance and administration affair Development performance directorate
5.    Electronic management and IT directorate
6.    Variation orders and prices alteration directorate
7.    Engineering contracts directorate
8.    Central tenders committees secretarial unit
9.    Legal affairs unit
10.    Government purchases and international relations unit
11.    Director general office
12.    Public relations and media unit
13.    Internal control unit, reporting to HE Minister of Public Works and Housing 


Legislation governing the work of the Government Tenders Department:
1.    The Government Works By-System No. (71) for the year 1986, as amended.
2.    The Government Tenders Instructions for the year 1987.
3.    The Instructions for Selection of the Coordinators of 1998.
4.    Instructions of Pre-Qualification for Contractors & Consultants for 2001 
5.    Constructions contractors’ license instructions for the year 2012.
6.    Instructions of classification of contractors for the year 2012
7.    Qualification Instructions for engineering offices for the year 2012.
8.    Unified Construction Contracts Project Book Part 1 and Part 2 for year 2010.
9.    Engineering services agreements (D1, D2).
10.    Supplies Act No. (32) for the year 1993, as amended. 
11.    The Financial By-law No. (3) for the year 1994, as amended. 
12.    Government financial information management system. 


The Department Committees:
1.    Central tenders committees.
2.    Special tenders committee / royal initiatives.
3.    Contractors classification committee
4.    Engineering offices qualification committee
5.    Sixth class contractors classification committee
6.    Construction contractors licensing committee
7.    Selection of the coordinators committee
8.    Construction contracts and agreements updating and development committee
9.    Main items prices amendment committees
10.    The Ministry of Public Works and Housing award to implement contracting committees
11.    The Ministry of Public Works and Housing award for the best consultation work committees
12.    Article (16) for foreign companies committee
13.    Technical committees to consider the complaints received by the Department against the contractors and consultants.


Department budget and funding resources
The Department funds its works from the State general budget.

Contact Information

  • City
  • Amman
  • PO Box
  • 1220
  • Address
  • Eighth Circle/ Ministry of Public Works and Housing Building Second Floor, King Abdullah II Street
  • ZIP Code
  • 11118
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 585 7583


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