Jordan Maritime Commission

General Information


A royal decree was issued for the establishment of Jordan  Maritime Authority (JMA) on the 16th of August 2002, The Jordan Maritime Authority LOW  NO. (46) has been issued on  01/10/2006

• JMA enjoys financial and administrative autonomy

• The Authority is linked to the Minister of Transport and its main office in Aqaba

To achieve its mission Jordan Maritime Authority is performing the following duties :


• Up dating and upgrading maritime legislations to develop maritime sector in Jordan and enhance its competitiveness

• Increase number of  the Vessels registered under the Jordanian Flag within international standards

• Prepare all technical and legal regulatory framework required for developing maritime Education and Training in Jordan

• Achieve the highest performance degree of quality and economy services within the Authority to satisfy all needs and requirements of its clients

• Capacity building for the authority and due care of its staff

Objectives :

Regulate, supervise and develop the maritime sector including all transportation modes, stationary and moving equipment, labor force, transport auxiliaries and associated services, and provide guidance according to the Kingdom's economic and social plans in conformity with the provisions of ASEZA Law in force

•             Enhance the private sector's role in contribution to improve and develop the maritime sector

•             Encourage competition and prevent monopoly in the sector

•             Contribute in marine environment protection and boost maritime safety and security standards

Main Functions :


License of all maritime activities in cooperation and coordination with the parties concerned and in conformity with the provisions of ASEZA law in force

•             Registration of ships under the Jordanian flag

•             Issuance of statutory certificates for Jordanian ships

•             Issuance of documents and certificates for seafarers in the maritime sector including certificates of competency


• Conducting inspections and surveys on ships and marine equipment in Aqaba Port area and within the Jordanian territorial waters according to related national laws and international conventions

• Control of pilotage, tugboat activities and coastal navigation in the Jordanian territorial waters

• Follow up of search, rescue and salvage operations within and outside Jordanian territorial waters

• Investigating maritime accidents within the Jordanian territorial waters and on Jordanian ships wherever they may be


• Recommending to the Ministry to ratify bilateral, regional and international maritime conventions and follow-up their implementation


• Representing the Kingdom at international and regional maritime commissions, organizations, associations, unions, committees, and follow-up their activities

• Cooperation and coordination with national, regional and international parties related to the Authority functions

• Conducting studies, gathering data and information relevant to the sector, and classify, analyze, issue bulletins, periodicals and reports of the sector's activity

• Conducting the authorities of Aqaba Port Department stipulated in the Commercial Maritime Law in force

• Taking necessary measures to ensure compliance of ships of maritime security, health requirements, protection of the marine environment, conducting radio communuications with ships, dealing with the impacts of marine accidents and detention of ships taking into account the provisions of ASEZA Law.

• Organizing and control of maritime activities within the Jordanian territorial waters taking into account the provisions of ASEZA Law.

• Provision , organizing, documenting and control of radio communications related to the GMDSS with ships.

• Issuing of departures permissions for ships from territorial waters after making sure that there is no technical or juridical detention.

• Organizing entry of ships into the territorial waters and search of objects falling in sea and charging fees thereof.

• Carrying out any other activities invested in any other official departments the Council of Ministers may delegate to the Authority


JMA Role in Safety of Navigation within Jordanian Territorial Waters :


• Control all vessels within Jordanian Territorial Waters to ensure its compliance with international Requirements in Safety and marine environment protection

• Supervises qualification and competency of seafarers and all persons engaged in maritime services activities

• Facilitate and ensure safety for vessel traffic within Jordanian Territorial Waters

JMA Role in Ratification and implementation of International Maritime Conventions :


• Recognizing the importance of international Standards for maritime sector, the JMA achieved the ratification of 27 international Maritime Conventions by the International Maritime Organization and other United Nations Organizations

• JMA follow -up the implantation of international Maritime Conventions


• Representing Jordan in Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding for Port State Control to contribute in international effort on Ships inspections


• Contribute in the Euro Med Transport Project to enhance performance of Maritime Sector in Jordan


• Maintaining the white list reputation for Jordanian Flag Ships

JMA Role in implementing of the National Strategy for Maritime Sector in Jordan :


• Development of Maritime Legislation

• Enhance Communication with international Maritime Community

• Encourage ship registration under Jordanian flag with quality and modern reputable International registry

• Encourage Maritime Education and Training & establish Maritime education Institutions in Jordan

• Expand Capacity in all maritime Services

• Enhance private Sector participation in the development & service providing

• Initiation of Information Technology and establishment of a Maritime Data Bank


The Authority consists of :


• Board of Directors

• Director General

• Executive body

• Minister of Transport / Chairman of Board of Directors

• Director General of Jordan Maritime Authority -Vice-Chairman

• Commander of the Royal Navy Force

• Two representatives / public sector

• Two representatives / private sector rector

Contact Information

  • City
  • Aqaba
  • PO Box
  • 171
  • Address
  • Aqaba, Al-Nakheel Region
  • ZIP Code
  • 77110
  • Fax
  • (962) 3 203 1553


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