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Jordan has always been the Arab country most concerned with the Palestine cause and its various developments. Over the past decades, Jordanian governments have established several departments responding to the Palestine cause at the humanitarian and housing levels. Today, as an heir to all previous departments, the independent governmental Department of Palestinian Affairs, works on implementing the official policies, in accordance with the following four principles:
Offer total support to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and to the Palestine National Authority, by coordinating the official endeavors of the various ministries and departments working in this field, being the specialized center for data collection and follow-up on Palestinian affairs.
Follow-up on the regional and international developments of the Palestine cause, through the participation in official meetings and conferences, as well as multilateral negotiations, especially those concerning the refugee working group and the Quartet for the Displaced.
Supervise all issues related to the refugee camps in the Kingdom, provide all kinds of services, and work on the development of the local communities of refugees, by setting up plans and projects aimed at raising their standard of living and alleviating poverty and unemployment.
Cooperate and coordinate with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in all its service-providing activities in Jordan, and work together on drawing the general policies of the Agency through the membership of its advisory Committee and the form of UNRWA donor and host countries.
The Historical Development of the Department of Palestinian Affairs:
1.Ministry of Refugees
Duration: From  1949 until  1950
2.Ministry of Construction and Restoration
Duration: From  1950 until  1980
3. High Ministerial Committee
Duration: From  1967 until  1971
4.Executive special Office
Duration: From  1971 until  1980
5.Ministry of the Occupied Land Affairs
Duration: From  1980 until  1988
6.The Department of Palestinian Affairs
Duration: From  1988 until today.
The Department of Palestinian Affairs Duties :
1.Monitoring, studying and analyzing issues related to Palestinian affairs inside and outside the Palestinian territories.
2.Follow-up on the Palestinian issues at the Arab, Islamic and international levels
3.Participating in the work of the joint Palestinian-Jordanian committee to support the steadfastness of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.
4.Organizing the contacts as required by the operations of UNRWA and coordinating such contacts with the government ministries and departments.
5.Coordinating with UNRWA in providing general services in accordance with the agreement signed between UNRWA and the government in this regard.
6.Conducting visits to UNRWA installations and following up on issues related to them.
7.Supervising the affairs of refugees and displayed persons and handling their concerns as well as administering the camp issues in the kingdom's governorates in coordination with other ministries and departments.
8.Distributing foodstuffs to the displaced persons.
9.Studying the issues of the Palestinians in the occupied territories that are related to government departments and public and private institution and coordinating with the concerned parties to address them.
10.Coordinating with the ministries and concerned departments in organizing the movement of people across the bridges and taking part in addressing the issues that arise during the visits of Palestinians to the kingdom or during they stay or travel through Jordan.
11.Coordinating with the ministries and concerned departments in organizing the imports of Palestinian produce and goods to the kingdom and specifying the quantities allowed for such imports.

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