Hosting E-mail accounts for institutions

Estimated Time:

1 hour after arrival of the official letter to the responsible technician


National Information Technology Center

Estimated Fee:


Estimated Fee


Email Hosting

Subscription period

Annual price


10 JDs for each e-mail

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  • Persons benefiting from the service
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The National Information Technology Center (NITC) provides e-mail hosting services to institutions who aren’t linked to the secure governmental network (SGN). The center provides such service via highly sustainable system; either for enterprise-level domains (,,, .jo) or for the center’s level (; providing the institutions with a Web Control Panel to add and modify e-mail addresses.

Support services for the services mentioned above:

  • Web Control Panel.
  • Anti-Spam.

Conditions for obtaining service

The e-mail must belong to a ministry or an official institution



Partner institutions:

Ministry of Digital Economic and Entrepreneurship.


  • An official letter sent from the ministry or public entity.
  • The public entity’s obtainment of the NITC approval.

Required Documents

  • Official letter requesting e-mail hosting.


Persons benefiting from the service

Ministries and official institutions. 


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