Exempting industrial inputs/essential materials of industrial production

Estimated Time:

3-6 months


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ Industrial Development Directorate/ SMEs development section

Estimated Fee:

No fees

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Conditions for obtaining service

- There should be no local product of the concerned inputs/essentials - The concerned inputs/essentials in question should have no generic uses



Partner institutions:

Jordan Customs Department, Jordan Chamber of Industry, Cabinet


1.    The applicant addresses the ministry with the request via an official letter.
2.    The form of exempting industrial inputs is filled by the applicant.
3.    A visit is arranged to the factor to check on the manufacturing process and the required documents (if necessary).
4.    Examining the application against exemption criteria and make a recommendation to the ministry’s secretary general 
5.    The application is discussed by the customs protection committee.
6.    The minutes of the committee’s meeting is referred to the customs tariffs council
7.    The council’s recommendations are forwarded to the Cabinet before the decision is published in the Official Gazette.

Required Documents

-    A valid certificate of registration at the chamber of industry
-    A valid trade registration certificate

Persons benefiting from the service

Local industrial sector


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