Official Gazette Photocopying, Royal Speeches , Cultural Agreements and Parliament Memorandums

Estimated Time:

(1-2) hour, depending upon the size of the required data.


• IT Directorate / Digitization of the Official Gazette (electronically).
• Periodicals section.

Estimated Fee:

1. If the papers are less than (10) papers, no fees may be paid for the same.
2. 25 Fils per each page A4.
3. 50 Fils per each page A3.
4. One Dinar shall be added in case of requesting the information on CD.

  • Description
  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service




Partner institutions:



1. The service recipient shall refer to the bureau department and fill the form of right of access to information.
2. The form shall be presented to the concerned department to extract the information and ensure the availability thereof.
3. Presenting the application to the director general or his authorized person to approve the application.
4. Referring to the Accounting Department to pay the determined fees.
5. The department photocopies the required documents.
6. Handing over the documents to the service recipient.

Required Documents

Civil Affairs ID.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian Citizens.


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