Processing requests of economic concentration

Estimated Time:

A period not exceeding 100 days as of the issuance of the notification of the completion of the application.


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ Competition Directorate/ exceptions and concentration section

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No Fees

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Conditions for obtaining service

- The concerned person or a proxy should be present. - The applications should be filed within 30 days as of the date of concluding the agreement on concentration.



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1.    Filing and application based on the specific form with the Competition Department, with all documents attached, within 30 days of concluding the agreement on economic concentration.
2.    When all data are completed, a notification is issued of the completion of the application.
3.    The directorate posts announcements in two daily newspapers at the expense of the applicant, inviting all stakeholders of feedback on the issue, to be provided within 15 days of publishing the announcement. 
4.    The findings of the study and recommendations are forwarded to the minister to take the decision.
5.    The minister takes the decision, stating reasons for approval, conditioned approval or rejection of the economic concentration request.


Required Documents

-    The Articles of Association and statutes of concerned establishments, in addition to the draft concentration contract or agreement.
-    A statement of the most important commodities and services of the establishments concerned with economic concentration and their quotas of that.
-    A report on the economic effects of the process, especially their positive impacts on the market.
-    Financial statements for the past two years for the concerned establishments.
-    A list of corporate and individual stakeholders in the company and the stake of each.
-    A list of the board members of board of directors.
-    A list of the branches of each concerned company.
Note: The applying establishments can attach to the application a statement of what they deem necessary of obligations or suggestions to ease the potential negative effects of economic concentration on the market.


Persons benefiting from the service

Establishments that seek to complete an economic concentration process


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