Quittance for a paid-off loan or via branches

Estimated Time:

A week


The Fund`s branches according to the project`s address.

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Conditions for obtaining service

The loan shall be fully repaid whether on the end date or by an early repayment.



Partner institutions:

Trade banks and the Jordanian Post office.


  1. The applicant attends to the Fund`s branch in whose domain the project is allocated.
  2. The Branch`s credit officer drafts a financial position statement after contacting the amortization officer at the General Administration to verify on any proceedings or fees regarding the loan.
  3. Determining the amount to be fully repaid on the amortization form if available.
  4. The borrower is directed to pay the resulting amount of the loan at the approved bank in the governorate.
  5. The applicant hands over the bank deposit receipt from the concerned bank to the credit officer.
  6. The Branch`s credit officer submits the repayment request to the General Administration/ amortization officer.
  7. Transferring the applicant to the files officer to be given the loan file.
  8. The loan accountant prints the clearance form and closes the loan financially transferring the file with attachments to the Internal Audit division.
  9. The file and attachments are audited by the Internal Audit division then transferred to the Department of Legal Affairs to stay the proceedings, if any.
  10. The loan accountant prepares a release of pledge letter and suspension of deduction according to the financial position of the loan and submitted securities.
  11. The loan file is transferred to the Department of Legal Affairs to stay proceedings, if any (release of precautionary attachment of immovable and movable properties (projection of issues).
  12. Transferring the file to General Manager Assistant  for Financial and Administrative Affairs or to the General Manager for signing.
  13. Signing the clearance form, the repayment form and the attached letters and transferring these to the Bureau.
  14. Keeping the attached letters in the clearance file and sending these to the concerned branch in cooperation with the branches coordinator.

Required Documents

ID Card

Persons benefiting from the service

The borrower/ guarantor.


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