Validation Certificate

Estimated Time:

Two days


Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission /Flight Operations standards. Amman Marka Airport.

Estimated Fee:

· 50 JDs for Jordanians · 100 JDs for non-Jordanians

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Validation Certificate is issued to the holder of a valid pilot or flight engineer certificate which was issued by another contracting state of ICAO working for Jordanian companies.

Conditions for obtaining service

- Jordan Civil Aviation Regulation JCAR Part FCL I - Jordan Civil Aviation Regulation JCAR Part FCL III - AC 28-033 - AC 28-017


Validity: Six months

Partner institutions:

No partners


1.     A covering letter from the company must be submitted to the Flight Operations Standards Division, Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission with the documents mentioned above.

2.     All Documents will be transferred to the licensing unit to issue the certificate.

3.     The licensing unit will contact the authority issued the foreign license for verification.

4.     Paying Fees.

5.     Issuing the validation certificate

Required Documents

1.     Covering letter from the company that owns the applicant.

2.     Copy of a valid foreign license.

3.     Copy of valid passport.

4.     Work permit for non-Jordanians.

5.     Residence permit for non-Jordanians.

6.     Security approval.

7.     Two Photos ( 2 X 2.5).

8.     Jordanian Medical Certificate.

Persons benefiting from the service

All pilots and mechanics who works for aviation company holds AOC.


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