Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit opens in Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Oct.29 (Petra)-- Deputizing for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Muthana Gharaibeh, on Tuesday, opened the Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit (AAIS) 2019.

The AAIS is attended by 1500 participants and 60 specialists and scientists in various AI fields, representatives of Arab governments, the private sector, the public sector, academics, professionals and startups, from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait and Oman, in addition to 50 global speakers representing global institutions and companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, IBM and Facebook.

The two-day summit, organized by the Phi Science Institute, Ministries of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and Youth in cooperation with Beyond Limits and several local and international partners in the Dead Sea area, aims to discuss the possibility of creating an appropriate infrastructure, raising awareness and encouraging innovation to further apply AI technology in the Arab region.

"The idea of the summit was put forward a year ago by the Phi Science Institute, and as a result of the potential benefit on our sectors, it was necessary for the summit to become a reality," said Gharaibeh.