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The General Supplies Department’s message is obtaining supplies (moveable properties and services) for ministries, government offices and public official establishments in order to achieve optimal investment for public funds and control on supplies


General Supplies Department Objectives:

1.        Draw the general policy of the Department and means of implementing this policy.

2.        Purchase necessary supplies needed for different departments according to the provisions of the Supplies Act in force.

3.        Preservation of common supplies and excess supplies from any department and storing them in central warehouses. All excess supplies are to be distributed or exchanged among other departments according to their needs.

4.        Conduct necessary studies to develop the General Supplies Department including:

a.        Maintaining standard specifications of supplies that are of common and frequent use.

b.        Holding training courses and seminars to develop employees’ skills at Supplies Units in other departments

c.        Providing consultation to other departments in supplies management

d.        Conducting necessary supplies inventory for government institutes whenever the General Supplies Department deems it necessary.

5.        Keep long-term records needed for long periods.

6.        Cooperate with other departments to locate means and methods for good maintenance of supplies.

7.        Obtain best quality supplies at best market prices and conditions when purchasing.

8.        Priority should be given to locally produced supplies provided prices are calculated according to the differential price defined by the Cabinet at (10%).

9.        Priority should be given to supplies offered by the bidder residing permanently in the Kingdom.