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What are the responsibilities of the National Information Technology Centre?
To play the role of the CTO of the government in all matters including the procurement, deployment, utilization, standardization, and budgeting of IT resources including the hardware, software, human, information, and process resources.

What is the National Information System (NIS)?
NIS is a distributed information system at the national level linking information generated by information centers in the public. There are seventeen homogeneous information generating centers that operate together under one sub network. The sub networks are, theoretically, linked together by way of the focal point where information is accessed, retrieved and exchanged.

What are the major achievements of NITC?
- NITC was the first to launch the Internet service in 1995.
- NITC became the first ISP for the public sector in 1996.
- NITC launched the National Information System Initiative in 1997.
- NITC launched the .jo domain name registration service in 1997.
- In 2001, NITC lunched the Knowledge Stations Project to address the Digital Divide.
- In 2002 NITC launched the Jordanian Legislations System database.
- In 2006 NITC hosted the Operations Center for the Jordanian Government.
- In 2003, NITC became an independent government organization and it performed restructuring to its old organization structure.
- The new organization structure was approved by the government.

What are the services that NITC provides?
- Domain name registration under the top level domain .jo. The service is electronic and registration can be done online under
- ISP for the public sector.
- Web hosting
- Hosting of the operations center of the e-government.
- Knowledge Stations management.

NITC is the local registrar for .jo?
NITC is the ccTLD or national registrar of the .jo domain names. In this capacity, it administers the second level domains;;; ;; .jo and Registration is online and is offered at

What is the Internet Services provided by NITC?
The National Information Centre was the first organization that introduced the Internet to Jordan in 1995. NITC is the ISP for the public sector. Different communications lines are offered including ADSL, Dial Up, Fiber Optics and Leased Lines.

What is Web Hosting service?
NITC provides web site fee-based hosting services for the Jordanian organizations in the public and the private sectors.

What are the law & legislation network & database?
The legislation network and database is one of the major achievements of the National Information Technology Center. NITC, with the cooperation of relevant official departments, has been able to create and establish a network/computer system for the law and legislations in Jordan. The database, which is digital, includes the laws and bylaws, amendments and updated laws including the original texts since 1921. It also includes the constitution of Jordan, the court decisions, decision on interpretations, bylaws and agreements. The system is user friendly and any document can be reached through the law number, the year number or the subject. Also, the search could be conducted by using Boolean logic. You can access this system through this link

What is a Knowledge Station?
In response to HM King Abdullah II directive in 2001, the Royal Committee for Jordanian Information Technology and Community Centers (JITCC) in cooperation with various organizations in the public and the private sector who have active presence in the local communities cooperated to establish IT centers in different community development centers in different remote areas in the country. The main objective of the project was to bridge the digital divide. NITC was selected to be the executing agency. The objective of this project is to create a computer literate society by bridging the digital gap between all strata of society and to give rural Jordanians living in remote areas the opportunity to train in ICT in their vicinity without having to travel to the capital. The centers are provided with IT labs where training courses are conducted.

How do I register a Domain Name?
Domain name s could be registered online at

Why would my application for a Domain Name be rejected?
Applications could be rejected for the following reasons:
• If the company registering is not Jordanian or if it is a foreign company but does not have a representative office in Jordan.
• If the application is submitted without the support documents whether it’s an official letter or a trade mark or registration license.
• If the domain name infringes on the rights of others.
• If the domain is identical with an already registered name
• If the domain name is confusingly similar to other domain names and could mislead users of the internet.
• Geographic names are rejected if they are requested by organizations other than the government
• If the domain name does not comply with public ethics.
• If it conflicts with another global name or trade mark.
• Translated names are rejected. Transliteration is preferred.

How are disputes over Domain Names resolved?
NITC considers the application for a domain name a contract that is governed by Jordanian laws. If a dispute arises, NITC suspends the domain name until further official notification of settlement is received. NITC abides by all court orders

How do I apply online?
The site for web application is available at
The APPLICATION can be filled out in either Arabic or English
1-Domain names are checked on the WHOIS for availability before filling up the application.
2-Support documents can be sent by uploading them through the system or by faxing them.
3-Applications are sent electronically for approval.
4-Fees paid by cash or through our Bank and domain names are activated after receiving payment within 24 hours.

How is my name protected under .jo?
All name s that are registered under .jo are protected through various ways:
1- by law NITC is the local registrar for .jo. So it is officially responsible to protect its business.
2- Names that are not supported by official documents are not registered.
3- The DNS division makes sure that security measures are taken to protect, sustain and maintain the DNS.

Is there a call center to serve subscribers to NITC services?
The Call Center at NITC receives telephone calls concerning technical problems related to Internet connections and services provided by NITC. A ticket tracking system is used to solve the problem.

How could I call the Call Center?
Telephone:  5334410