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The National Information Technology Center was established in 2003 in accordance with the temporary law No.(81) for 2003 entitled ”Deployment of Information Technology Resources in Government Organization Law”. NITC was restructured accordingly and it became an independent government organization managed by a board of directors chaired by the Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The mission of NITC is to play the role of an executive authority for all subjects related to Information Technology in the public sector concerning purchasing or deployment of IT resources. NITC is responsible for applying standards and requesting budget for all IT resources including equipment, software, information, operations and human resources training.


NITC is the primary arm for utilizing the national IT resources of the public sector and maximize its contribution to economic growth and welfare of Jordan.


To play the role of the CTO of the government in all matters including the procurement, deployment, utilization, standardization, and budgeting of IT resources including the hardware, software, human, information, and process resources.


  • Participate in implementing the national strategy, plans and programs that are related to the deployment of information technology resources in government organizations.
  • Establish and manage an integrated National Information System (NIS) at the national level, linking the various information centers in the public and the private sectors and coordinating their efforts in (processing) inputting data/information to facilitate the provision, accessibility and exchange of integrated, comprehensive and timely information.

·         Identify various sources of information and coordinate their efforts to unify concepts and attain information complementarily.

·         The main national node for Internet services in Jordan. In addition to providing Internet connections to the public sector NITC provides referral information services.


·         Develop data processing of information for preservation, easy access, retrieval and exchange.


·         Spreads informatics awareness through publishing booklets and holding workshops.

  • Provides the public and private sectors with consultant service to develop information systems and technology in accordance with the latest developments in this area.
  • Conducts studies and surveys to promote and develop systems of information sources within the framework of the National Information System.
  • Issues various publications , a periodic newsletter and the annual report, including guides and manuals for the national information system.