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Corporation Brief:

Since the first third of the 1970’s, the prices of goods, services and living expenses increased in most countries of the world, including Jordan. This necessitated the continuous reassessment of citizens’ conditions, especially (government) employees, the sector that is most harmed from the rise in prices.


In response, the government came up with the idea of finding a way to provide a good standard of living for government employees and their families. As a result it established the Civil Service Consumer Corporation in 1976 in accordance with Law number (60) of that same year. The Corporation was assigned the task of procuring diverse variety of foods, consumer goods and the entire individual and family needs for government employees at suitable prices.


The Corporation carried out its founding work according to set plans on the 1st February, 1977.  It started to offer its services on 6/4/1977 through Al-Abdali Market - the first of its markets - and then it began to reach out to beneficiaries wherever they were. The number of markets that were opened until January 2000 reached 35 markets. They are spread all over the centers of governorates and districts and meet the needs of the majority of the population concentrations in the Kingdom.


The Civil Service Corporation is run by a Board of Directors, followed by a General Manager, and then a team of hired employees and hired personnel who operate under the supervision of the Corporation’s General manager.


The Corporation contracts on buying local goods according to invitations to tenders published in daily newspapers. The deal is made following a comparison in terms of quality and prices. Joint delegations from the managements of both the Civil and Military Service Consumer Corporations travel and buy the foreign goods of the Corporation, accompanied by representatives of the Accounting Bureau. It is worth noting that more than 80% of the Civil Service Consumer Corporation’s purchases are from local production, since this has a great effect on supporting and encouraging the industrial sector which has begun to clearly develop. Also the increase in the percentage of local purchases leads to an increase in the volume of investments in Jordan.


It is also important to ensure that all goods displayed the Civil Service Consumer Corporation markets are of the same or even better quality and standards compared to those parallel to them in the local market. Since its early beginnings the Corporation has committed to submit all products contracted to laboratory tests, so as not to sell or display any material unless it fulfills all the health and meteorological requirements in addition to physical testing.