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The Establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture


The first Ministry of Agriculture was formed in the Emirate of Trans Jordan as part of the thirteenth Cabinet reshuffle on 6/8/1939. The first agriculture-related law (before the formation of the Ministry) was the Plantation Law that was adopted in 1927. This was the beginning of the adoption of agriculture-related laws and regulations.


The Ministry’s General Objective: The Development of the Agricultural Sector


The Ministry is responsible for regulating the agricultural sector, its growth and development, in order to achieve the following objectives:


·         Raising self-dependence in providing foodstuff.

·         Guaranteeing the sustainability of production and resources without damaging the environment.

·         Increasing the income of farmers and improving their standard of living.

·         Providing a climate suitable for investment in the agricultural sector.

·         Developing rural areas and raising their production capabilities on the level of individuals and resources.

·         Preserving agricultural resources and the environment and efficiently using them.

·         Achieving fairness between the agricultural sector and other sectors within the same sector.

·         Encouraging youth and members of society, men and women, to work in agricultural production.


The General Foundation of the Ministry’s Work:


·         Supporting the regulatory, consultative and developmental function.

·         Implementing and executing agricultural policies and following-up on their effect on the agricultural sector.

·         Activating public participation in the make-up of the agricultural policy and in the decision-making process related to the agricultural sector.

·         Reformulating legislations to suit the agricultural strategy and policy.

·         Providing the Ministry and its institutions with qualified technical skills and developing their work force.

·         Activating the role of the private sector in agricultural development.


The Ministry’s Tasks


The Ministry works on planning, regulating, and setting instructions and programs, and it follows up on their implementation to increase production, preserve the environment and natural resources, and to achieve the objectives of agricultural development in line with the Agricultural Law and the agricultural polices in effect, in cooperation with relevant parties.


The Ministry’s Duties:


In order to achieve the general objective of the Ministry, an appropriate economic environment must be provided, as well as institutional and legislative frameworks to effect change in rural areas and in the functions of the agricultural sector, in order to accommodate developments and challenges that face this sector. This is achieved by:


·         Providing a suitable climate for the private sector to perform a major role in agricultural development.

·         Implementing government policies that support agricultural production and rural development.

·         Activating farmers’ participation in settling development policies and priorities and in implementing programs and activities.

·         Guaranteeing, complementing and coordinating agricultural policies with state policies and policies of other sectors.

·         Adopting agricultural development as the basis for comprehensive rural development.