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General Information

Historical Overview

·           The first institutional entity responsible for environmental protection in Jordan was the Department of Environment which was established in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Environment in 1980 and continued until 1995.

·           In 1996 the General Corporation for Environmental Protection (GCEP) was established as financially and administratively independent, and was the official body responsible for environmental protection in Jordan.

·            Increased attention to environmental issues and increased pressure on the elements of the environment, made it necessary to consider establishing an independent Ministry for the Environment.

·           The Ministry of the Environment was established in 2003 under the Environment Protection Law No. (1) of 2003, which was approved by the Parliament to become the Environmental Protection Law No. (52) of 2006.


Our Vision

The Ministry of Environment’s vision is to be a model Ministry on national and regional level, capable of protecting and sustaining Jordan’s environmental resources and contributing to a better quality of life


Our Mission

The Ministry seeks to maintain and improve the quality of Jordan's environment, conserve natural resources and contribute to sustainable development through effective policies, strategies, legislation, monitoring and enforcement and by mainstreaming environmental concepts into all national development plans.


Our Values

·            We are committed to the following values and principles throughout our internal and external interaction:

·            Transparency

·             Fairness

·             Commitment to sustainable development principles and environmental behavior

·            Team spirit

·            Partnership towards better environment

Head of Entity
Dr. Yaseen M.Khayyat
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